Meet Jacqueline Quirk at a Rehearsal of La Boheme

Jacqueline Quirke performs as Mimi in the current production of La Boheme. Scheduled for 15 & 17 July at Miami Beach’s Colony Theater on Lincoln Road, La Boheme features Graham Fandrei as Marcello, Rodolfo Cuevas as Rodolfo, Diego Baner as Colline, Daniel Snodgrass as Shaunard, Susana Diaz as Musetta and Ismael Gonzalez in a duel role of Benoit and Alcindoro. Under the direction of Maestro Raffaele Cardone, Miami Lyric Opera has emerged as a dynamic opera company dedicated to the staging of the original composer, Puccini. The orchestra will be conducted by Doris Lang Kosloff. for more information.

About Miami Lyric Opera

Innovative opera company with a commitment to authentic staging as envisioned by the original composer.
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